About the Author: Hank Brigman

“To your customers, you are your touchpoints”

Hank Brigman is recognized as a pioneer and thought-leader in the exploding discipline of Customer Experience Management (CEM). The first to define “touchpoint” on Wikipedia, Hank is known as the “Touchpoint Guru.” His expertise, body of work, and dynamic style position Hank as a sought after speaker on stages worldwide.

BioSpkgDropShadowA Passion to Improve Customer-Centricity
Hank’s professional passion is helping organizations increase growth and profits through building customer-centricity across each interaction – or touchpoint. Across strategy, implementation and measurement, he is most often brought in as a coach or with his team to address the need to:
Quantifiable Success with Fortune 100 Companies
Hank works with organizations large and small. Prominent clients that have realized quantifiable improvements include GE, AT&T, Mentor, Travelers, Novartis, Microsoft, Biomet, and Johnson & Johnson. He is laser focused on generating lasting improvements by helping organizations build the competencies that differentiate and establish a competitive advantage. He also addresses the need to determine ROI and translate customer experience into the language of the boardroom – finance. An asset in these efforts is his original formula for correlating a one point movement in “likelihood to recommend” to revenue.
BioHankColorSmlShadowAdvancing Customer-Centricity as an Innovator
As co-founder, President/CEO of an early and award-winning customer experience research consultancy, Hank co-invented a process for mapping touchpoints. This original process for inventorying, mapping, evaluating and improving individual customer touchpoints now forms the foundation for many of today’s Customer Experience Management methodologies.
Hank shares his expertise and insights through his TOUCHPOiNTER newsletter, posts on his TouchpointTalk.com blog, and via Twitter (@TouchpointGuru).
After graduating from university, Hank enjoyed three years as a professional golfer on the mini tours. He still enjoys golf and has recently taken up surfing.