Resources to Aid Your Customer Experience Management Understanding and Efforts


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RoundedPhotoHB  Hank Brigman Bio: One-page summary of William Henry "Hank" Brigman's carreer.

RoundedPDF  Hank Brigman One Sheet:  One-page promotion of Hank Brigman as a speaker




VideoLinkImage   Hank Brigman Touchpoint Guru Welcome Video

Time 4:23
SpeakerDemoImage   Hank Brigman Speaking Demo
Time 9:13
RoundedPDF Doc #020 Touchpoint Form soon to be added
RoundedPDF Doc #021 Brigman’s Touchpoint Naming Convention™ soon to be added
RoundedPDF Doc #022 Valued Touchpoint Workshop Process and Decision Flows
The primary flow and decision tree – especially relevant for large organizations.
RoundedPDF Doc #023 Valued Touchpoint Workshop Charter Template
One-page charter template for capturing important and guiding information for a Workshop.
RoundedPDF Doc #024 Valued Touchpoint Workshop Output Form
A sample form to capture Workshop output, and if applicable, present the output to a governance level for their response.
RoundedPDF Doc #040 Macro Metrics soon to be added
Summary of several common macro customer relationship metrics.
RoundedPDF Doc #060 CEM Introduction Deck soon to be added
An executive summary introduction to CEM foundations, concepts and benefits.
RoundedPDF Doc #061 Hierarchy and definitions of key CEM terms
It is important to speak the same customer experience language.  This is a hierarchy of key terms.  Download a complete CEM eDictionary